Stone of the Week: Quartz Cathedral Crystals

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Stone of the week – New arrival of Quartz Cathedral Crystals.

These Cathedral Quartz are unique with Green Chlorite and Rutile inclusions. Found in the Northern Himalayas, Pradesh India. Clear Cathedrals are referred to as Lightbrary Cathedrals. These crystals have doorways in their castling formation.
Cathedral Lightbrary relates to the appearance of amazing markings on the vertical sides of the crystal. These markings run up and down the crystal, sometimes over the entire body. They culminate all over the top faces of the crystal, turning into individual triangular top faces. Called ‘Cathedral’ because of the fact that this growth pattern looks a bit like the ‘flying buttresses’ on the outside of many cathedrals. ‘Lightbrary‘, combining light and library, refers to the vast records of information they can help us to access. (aka ‘akashic records’).

Green Chlorite: One of its properties it is known for is: a stone used for healing and reconnecting with Nature. It is a calming and relaxing stone, soothing, and peaceful. It eases a troubled heart.