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Citrine – Learn About Crystals

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Stone of the Week: Citrine is a variety of Quartz that the colors can range from yellow to golden brown to amber. Citrine is one of the two minerals on the planet that does not hold or accumulate negative energy. It has been said that is useful for balancing ying-yang… Read more »

Apophyllite – Learn About Crystals

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Crystal of the week. Apophyllite from India. The naturally formed pyramid is believed to help magnify and focus energy. This powerful stone is said to help with imbalances and bring recognition of one’s true self. It releases mental blocks and negative thought patterns. Apophyllite can be used in reiki, meditation… Read more »

Danburite – Learn About Crystals

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Mondazzi’s Weekly Crystal Blog Starting today, we’ll be unearthing new crystals that are available in our shop, along with some insight into their unique properties. Danburite, originally discovered in Danbury Connecticut, is said to “connect the heart of the mind with the mind of the heart.” This means it’s a… Read more »