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Murano Blown Glass Jewelry Clearance

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While they last, we are having a clearance sale on our Murano blown glass jewelry. We purchased these on one of our trips to Venice, Italy! Pendants were $60, now just $15. Rings and bracelets now drastically reduced. Many to choose from.

Danburite – Learn About Crystals

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Mondazzi’s Weekly Crystal Blog Starting today, we’ll be unearthing new crystals that are available in our shop, along with some insight into their unique properties. Danburite, originally discovered in Danbury Connecticut, is said to “connect the heart of the mind with the mind of the heart.” This means it’s a… Read more »

New Mystical Magical Crystal Gardens

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Come check out our new mystical magical crystal gardens. Miniature plants adorned with Spirit Quartz, Amethyst, Angelic Celestite Quartz, Citrine and various other crystals. Who knows, maybe fairies will come visit them. Prices start at $22.00