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Mondazzi Psychic Fair

February 23, 2019 @ 10:00 am - 4:30 pm

Come join us for our Psychic Fair. Come see what may be in store for you this coming year!

Please call us Monday through Friday, 9-5 or Saturday 9-4 at (860) 285-0538 to book your appointment(s) to ensure you get the reader you would like. Pre-payment is necessary to hold your spot. Walk-in appointments are based upon availability. Thank you for your understanding.

Mary Ellen Norton Psychic Intuitive
She has been a reader for over 30 years. A gifted intuitive, she specializes in tarot and psychometry (picking up vibrations and information about your life by holding a personal object of yours). Her readings examine where you are mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally to reveal patterns and challenges and provide insight into your life. She’s read in a variety of venues, including universities, Foxwoods casino, expos, fairs, and stores. $25 for 20 minutes

Adam Latin – Tarot and Palm Reader
When working with Tarot he focuses primarily on an individual’s immediate circumstances and their environment. When working with palmistry he can understand an individual’s blue-print such as how they love, communicate and think. He offers skills & concepts to assist a person in creating, choosing, or acknowledging their life’s direction. He also works with couples to build, re-build, or strengthen a foundation of communication and/or mutual understanding. $25 for 20 minutes

Jessie – Spirit Guide Artist/Clairvoyant
Jessie is a third generation Clairvoyant. She is noted for her visionary ability to access the Akashic Records, bringing forth the highest truths and spiritual principals and presenting them in a straightforward and applicable manner.
You’ll discover how your soul is calling you and how you can best reply in order to enjoy a rewarding future. Along with a colored drawing of your Spirit Guide where further messages come through from Spirit such as your spiritual gifts interpreted through color, the name and origin of your guide and the year they came to you. An introduction to your power animal, and a suggested crystal for heightened energy will also be seen. Sessions are $35.00 for 30 minutes.

John Moore
John has been reading for over 22 years. His specialty is tea leaf readings. John is an intuitive reader multi disciplined in tarot, ogham (Celtic Runes), and I Ching (Chinese fortune coins). $25 for 20 minutes.

Tim – Healing Hand

Offering Aura Photography Sessions – you get a ~25ish page report with your full body aura and chakras on the cover, plus I spend about 20 minutes explaining all the details to help you connect your energy field with what’s going on in your life. Stop by and check in on your energetic balance! $50. 1/2 sessions are available for $25.00. With a one page summary report.

Lynne Hartwell – Psychic Intuitive
A born Psychic Intuitive with a strong Connection with the Angelic Realm, she channels or interprets their Messages for you, helping you better understand current life situations, communicate with animal companions or answer any questions you may have. $25 for 20 minutes.
Readings can include:
– Messages from Spiritual Guides & Angels Animal Communication
– Crystal & Gemstone Energy Readings
– Past Life Experiences

Bunzee – Cross over readings
During a near death experience Bunzee was able to witness the other side. She Channels love healing and reiki energy while working with a pendulum. With cards she will show you and interpret the messages she receives. She has been reading for over 50 years. $25 for 20 minutes

Delanea Davis – Runes
Delanea Davis has authored books on Runes. Rune Reading is an ancient tradition that first began in Northern Europe during the Viking era. Runes consist of 24 symbols that each represent an alphabetic letter and has a divinely inspired meaning. Runes are both symbols and an ancient alphabet that date back centuries. Most popular in Scandinavia and Northern Europe from the 9th – 11th century, the Runes allowed people to communicate in written form with each other and connect with the Nordic Gods of the time for wisdom and prophecy. Derived from the Gothic word “runa” which means “secret” or “mystery”, Runes are believed to be a gift from the Nordic God Odin himself. $25 for 20 minutes


Melissa Pieciak – Reiki Master & Energy Intuitive
Melissa is a gifted healer and energy intuitive who loves sharing the gift of healing through reiki, chakra balancing and crystal healing sessions. During sessions, Melissa works with Spirit as she’s intuitively guided to clear stuck and stagnant energy to create better energy flow and align the mind, body and spirit. Through this energy work, Melissa will assist you in achieving a higher vibrational state which in turn attracts more positivity and joy into one’s energetic field.

Renew and recharge with a healing session $25 for 20 minutes.

~Reiki is a Japanese healing technique used to balance energy in the body to promote relaxation and stress reduction. Reiki includes a series of hand positions designed to balance the bodies energy and encourage energy to flow freely releasing any stuck energy. Clients have experienced pain reduction and elimination, recovery from illness and injury, deep relaxation, feelings of peace and bliss, and physical, mental, emotional and energetic healing.

~Chakra Balancing works with the seven major chakras that run through our bodies when in balance these chakras spin in a clockwise motion and flow with grace and ease. The chakras are independent, so throughout life, some chakras might be in balance, out of balance and others might be stuck. In this session, energy healing is done on the seven chakras to create flowing energy between each of the chakras to align, balance and clear energy blockages.

~Crystal Healing helps to create a flow of energy throughout the body, balancing and clearing energy blockages. Beautiful healing crystals will be placed one by one on the body as an energy healing is performed. Crystals are used to heal, restore, and create physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance.

Sessions are a great way to relax, reduce stress, improve mental and physical health, and provide an overall sense of well-being. Clients have experienced pain reduction and elimination, recovery from illness and injury, feelings of peace and bliss, physical, mental, emotional and energetic healing. Each session is tailored to your individual needs and can focus on a particular injury or illness.




February 23, 2019
10:00 am - 4:30 pm
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