New Septarian Eggs and Many Tumbled Stones

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Tumbled Stones

New collection of tumbled stones arrived. Still so many more stones & crystal treasures are being put out daily.

Titanium Rose Quartz, Blue Goldstone, Jet & Calcopyrite Tumbled Stones

Purple obsidian, Blue Adventurine, Canadian Jade, Lemon Quartz, Green Sardonyx, Shiva Lingham, Orange Calcite & Honey Calcite Tumbled Stones

Other new tumbled stones include: Indonesian Amber, Green Goldstone, Varasite, Golden Rutilated Quartz, Chrysoprase, Sea Foam Calcite, Natural Hematoid Quartz and more!

New Septarian Eggs

It is known stone for regulation of spiritual, mental, and physical energy. It promotes both calming and understanding on the emotional level. Septarian enhances feelings and the condition of well-being and provides for a merging with and amplifying of ones energies.