Tarot Deck Sale in Our Showroom

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Tarot Deck Sale – We have a table set up in the showroom with several tarot decks on clearance. Below are the decks with their prices. This special ends on Saturday, June 2nd.

African Art Playing Cards $2
Camelot Oracle $6
Egyptian Pyramid Oracle $8
Egyptian Scarab Oracle & Book $8
Enochian Tarot $9
Fantasy Fortunes $1.50
Flowers of Love $5
Golden Dawn Magical Tarot $24
Lord Of The Rings Tarot Deck & Game $6
Lord of the Rings $8
Magical Menagerie $5
Navigators Tarot of the Mystic Sea $6
Oracle of Dr. John Dee $5
Shining Tribe Tarot $12
Ship of Fools Tarot Deck $5
Tarot Of The Dead $6
Modern Spellcaster’s Tarot $21
Legacy of the Divine Tarot $22
Witches Tarot $19
Da Vinci Tarot – Mini Deck $4
Magick Stamp Kit $6
Animal Alphabet Card Games $2