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Shiva Lingham – Stone of the Week

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Mondazzi stone of the week. The Shiva Lingham: The egg shape is considered a phallic symbol of the Hindu god Shiva. Represents both male and female, as well as the cosmic egg from which all creation emerged. Resonates with all energies of all the elements-earth, fire, water, air and kundalini… Read more »

Amethyst – Learn About Crystals

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Brazilian amethyst geode. $480 Stone of the Week! Amethyst is known as a stone of spirituality and contentment as well as stabilizing and protective. It possesses a high spiritual vibration, balancing the energy of the intellectual, emotional, and physical bodies. Amethyst also bestows invigoration, and peace to an individual or… Read more »

Kyanite – Learn About Crystals

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Stone featured this week is the beautiful Kyanite! It is found primarily in South Africa. Colors range from grey, black, blue, green yellow & pink. This is the only other stone in the mineral kingdom, besides Citrine, that never needs cleansing or clearing. Its properties are mainly recognized to enhance… Read more »

Citrine – Learn About Crystals

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Stone of the Week: Citrine is a variety of Quartz that the colors can range from yellow to golden brown to amber. Citrine is one of the two minerals on the planet that does not hold or accumulate negative energy. It has been said that is useful for balancing ying-yang… Read more »